GN dewatering centrifuge for TBM mud treatment to Southeast Asia

There is one set of Decanter Centrifuge & Flocculent Dosing Unit ready for shipment to Southeast Asia for TBM mud treatment.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge and Disc Separator for 13 years, which can be used for solid/liquid separation, solid/liquid/liquid separation, sludge/mud dewatering, thickening, concentration, clarification, etc. Decanter Centrifuge is widely used for projects of WWTP, STP, ETP, Oil & Gas Drilling Mud Solids Control, HDD Trenchless/Bored Pile/TBM mud cleaning/dewatering, and Mining, Food/Beverage, Chemical separation. etc.

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“Innovation and Unique” – GN Company Annual Conference for 2019

On January 17, 2020, GN Company held the 12th annual summary and commendation conference for 2019 in Beijing Chun Hui Yuan hot spring resort. The theme of this annual conference is “Innovation and Unique”. From Qu Yuan's "Ode to the orange", it refers to the awareness of the turbid world, independence from the world, and keeping sober; standing horizontally in the water, not following the waves. This is also one of the corporate culture that GN company has been adhering to. GN has the courage to innovate and launch technologically advanced products, and actively forge ahead to build our unique brand: GN.

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GN Company would attend exhibition IFAT 2020 in Munich, Germany, dated on 04 ~ 08 May, with Booth No. 104-b, Hall A1. 

IFAT Exhibition started in 1966, and now becomes the world leading fair for Environmental Protection, Water, Wastewater, Waste, and Raw Materials Treatment. It leads the latest trend of the International Environmental Protection Industry and is recognized as a global weathervane.

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3 PHASE DISC SEPARATOR FOR Phosphoric Acid Plant in Africa

GN Company supplied one unit of Disc Separator for African client's Phosphoric Acid Plant in the end of 2019. Disc Separator is used for Purification, Concentration, and Clarification. It is widely used in the industries of Oil & Grease, Food, Beverage, Milk, Juice, Chemical, Biological, Fuel Oil, Lubricate Oil, Mineral Oil, Blood, Lanolin, Starch, Plant Extraction, etc.

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3 Phase Disc Separator for Oil Recovery Project of China oilfield Service Company

There is one set of Disc Separator ready for shipment to Chinese Oilfield Service Company for their oil recovery project.

Disc Separator, also named 3 Phase Separator, is used to separate two immiscible liquid phases and one solids phase at the same time (solid/liquid/liquid separation), widely used in the field of Vegetable Oil, Animal Oil, Starch, Dairy, Beverage, Beer, Biological, Pharmaction, Chemical, Waste Cooking Oil, Biodiesel Oil, Mineral Oil, etc. 

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