Solid Vacuum Pump for Russia Client Used to Transfer Wood Pulp

This week, the GNSP10B solid vacuum pump made by GN for Russian customers has been assembled and put into trial operation. It is expected to arrange delivery next week. The vacuum pump will be transported to a wood company for pulp conveying in the company's wood pulp production process.

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3 Phase Disc Separator Shipped out for Seabuckthorn Oil Production

Recently GN shipped out one unit of 3 phase disc separator that would be used for seabuckthorn oil production. Seabuckthorn oil is natural oil extracted from seabuckthorn fruit. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements. It has high medicinal value, which makes It can not only play a health care role in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver and respiratory system, but also help to strengthen brain and intelligence.

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GN Company 2021 Summary and 2022 Development Plan

The traditional Chinese year of the Ox has passed, and the year of the Tiger is coming. In the past year, although the international situation was grim and the epidemic continued to spread, the external environment was difficult. However, with the trust of customers, the support of partners and the difficulties overcome by GN people, the company has taken another big step forward.

Looking back on 2021, we have made some achievements.

1) The construction of "GN Yutian new factory project to expand production capacity" (78000m2) has entered the final stage. Based on the capacity of GN headquarters Langfang Dachang Industrial Zone headquarters, the capacity of Yutian new factory can be expanded in 2022, which will provide better guarantee for the timely delivery rate of customers.

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