3 Phase Disc Stack Separator

GN 3 phase disc stack separator is a high-speed, stable, sealed, efficient, and automatic slag discharge 3 phase separation equipment. It is widely used for liquid, liquid, solid 3-phase separation or liquid-liquid separation.
  • GN 3 phase disc stack separator is a high-speed, stable, sealed, efficient, and automatic slag discharge 3 phase separation equipment. It is widely used for liquid, liquid, solid 3-phase separation or liquid-liquid separation. The 2-phase solid-liquid separation disc separator has only one liquid discharge port and one slag discharge port, while the 3-phase disc separator has two liquid discharge ports and one slag discharge port, which can separate two liquids with different specific gravity at the same time. It can also discharge solid phase materials. Compared with the 3 phase decanter centrifuge, the 3 phase disc separator has larger rotation speed and G force. The 3 phase decanter centrifuge usually has a separation factor of about 3000G, while the 3 phase disc stack separator G force is up to 12000G. Therefore, the 3 phase disc separator can more thoroughly separate liquids with different specific gravity and the liquid phase discharged is more clarified. However, compared to 3 phase decanter centrifuges, 3 phase disc separator is more used to separate materials containing fine particles, with less solids content. So before entering the 3 phase disc separator, the material can separated by the decanter centrifuge for pre-stage separation to reduce the solids content and remove big particles.

    3 Phase Disc Stack Separator Working Principle

    33332 Phase Disc Separator

    The separated material enters into the heart of the machine, that is, the inside of the bowl. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the material passes through a set of disc bundle separation intervals. With the neutral holes of the disc as the interface, the liquid with larger specific gravity moves along the disc wall towards the outside the neutral hole, where heavy slag accumulates in the sediment area, and the heavy phase liquid flows upward to the centripetal pump; the lighter liquid with a smaller specific gravity moves along the disc wall into the neutral hole and converges to the lower centrifugal pump. The light and heavy liquid phases are discharged by the lower centrifugal pump and the upper centripetal pump respectively; the heavy slag is regularly discharged; continuous production is implemented.

    3 Phase Disc Separator Technical Parameter

    Type Liquid-Liquid Separation (or Liquid-Liquid-Solid)
    Bowl Dia 440mm 580mm 620mm 800mm
    Sliding Piston 380mm 500mm 550mm 700mm
    Theoretical Capacity 1-2 m3/h 5-10m3/h 10-15 m3/h 20-25m3/h
    Max Speed 7100RPM 6150RPM 6000RPM 4500RPM
    Max G Force 12409G 12273G 12488G 9063G
    Motor Power 11KW 18.5KW  30KW 45KW
    Feeding Pressure 0-0.1Mpa
    Starting Time 10-15Minutes
    Feeding Material Solids content less 3%
    The above specification and parameters for reference only.

    GN 3 Phase Disc Separator Features

    All parts contacting with the material are made of high-grade stainless steel, which effectively reduces the chemical interaction between the separated material and the surface of the contacting part. The separated light and heavy phase liquid materials are output by two centripetal pumps of different sizes. This machine adopts upper feeding, which has lower inlet pressure on the material. Hydrodynamic coupling and a pair of helical gears or belt drive are used in the power transmission. The speed increase is stable and overload protection can be performed.

    The slag discharge action of the sliding piston is automatically controlled by a PLC fully automatic control cabinet specially designed with safety protection devices. It is high level automation, strong adaptability for process adjustment, and convenient adjustment, low noise and good separation effect. Professionally designed centripetal pump system is with stable output pressure, large adjustment range and easy operation.

    3 Phase Disc Separator Application

    • Animal and vegetable oil separation:Vegetable oils mainly include: rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, palm oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil. Animal oils mainly include: fish oil, and fat purification of various animals.
    • Beverage industry: dairy purification, separation of milk and cream, fruit juice (orange juice, apple juice, etc.), vegetable juice, tea drinks, coffee, beer and other industries.
    • Pharmaceutical industry: separation of extracts (such as penicillin, vitamins, E. coli, antibiotics, hormones, etc.), concentration of microorganisms, concentration and clarification of fermentation broth, and separation of blood.
    • Plant extraction and separation: pigments, peppers, tea leaves, loquat leaves, honeysuckle, ginkgo biloba, salvia, amygdalin, traditional Chinese medicine extraction, etc.
    • Chemical industry separation: lubricant additives, viscose, PVC, cellulose and derivatives, ink and dye, phosphoric acid, herbicide, latex (synthesis), boiler ash, catalyst, etc.
    • Fuel and marine oil industry: separation of methyl ester, glycerin, catalyst, soap removal, methanol, water washing methyl ester, extraction of fatty acids, glycerin desalination in the field of bio oil. Recovery and clarification of marine oil, and removal of moisture and mechanical impurities in fuel oil (light diesel, heavy diesel, fuel oil) and lubricating oil of marine diesel engine equipment.
    • Environmental protection industry: food waste treatment, water treatment industry