Industrial Vibrating Screen

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Working principle: Industrial Vibrating Screen is driven by vibrating motor, the exciting force generated by the vibrator eccentric block during the rotation acts on the vibrating screen deck and drives the equipment upper part of the vibration spring to vibrate. GN Industrial Vibrating Screen can achieve linear vibration mode and elliptical vibration mode through different design. According to the layout of the screen deck, GN industrial vibrating screen is divided into High Frequency Vibrating Screen, Tandem Deck Vibrating Screen, and Parallel Deck Vibrating Screen. GN Industrial Vibrating Screen is usually high frequency vibration, which can better meet the separation requirement of materials and is not easy to block the screen. According to the condition of customers' materials, GN is able to provide screens with different openings and different materials to meet the requirements of solid-liquid wet screening and solid particle dry screening. GN Industrial Vibrating Screen is widely used in environmental protection industry, mineral processing industry, construction industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, etc.

GN Industrial Vibrating Screen Feeding Type

Back Weir Box Feeder Materials is fed into the feeder from back or side, after buffering, material overflows over the wire and then enters into the screen deck for screening treatment. It is suitable for the treatment of materials with good fluidity, low solid content and not easy to settle.
1 Weir Feeder
Top Hopper Feeder Materials falls directly onto the vibrating screen by gravity after collecting in the open-top hopper. It is suitable for solid-liquid mixtures or solid materials with poor fluidity.
2 Weir Feeder
Top Box Feeder Material enters the box from back or side, and directly falls onto the vibrating screen after buffering. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation, high solid content, or materials that are easy to settle.
3 Weir Feeder


GN Industrial Vibrating Screen’s Screen Type

Wedge Wire Screen Panel Screen Open Size: 0.2-30mm
4 Weir Feeder Wedge wire screen panels are welded, and the holes are wedge-shaped holes, not easy to block. Various opening specifications can be customized, high temperature resistance, and good conductance. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for ultrafine particle screening.
Polyurethane screen panel Screen Open Size: 0.2-30mm
5 Weir Feeder Polyurethane screen panel are Made of polyurethane wrapped metal frame. Good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to high temperatures and the conductance performance is average.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Fine Screen Screen Open Size: 0.038-2mm
6 Weir Feeder The stainless steel wire is woven into a screen cloth, and then hot-pressed and bonded to the support frame. It can screen ultrafine particles, good conductance, and is not easy to be blocked. The disadvantage is weak wear-resistance.

GN Industrial Vibrating Screen can be customized based on customers’ requirement for the feeding method and screen opening form to meet the requirements of different material screening and processing.