3 sets of Decanter Centrifuge are well packed and ready for shipment in GN No.1 work plant, for waste treatment project. GN Decanter Centrifuge is widely used for sludge, mud and suspensions dewatering, thickening, different types of liquid clarifying, 3 phase mixture separating, solids separation, etc. 

Main application includes environment protection, oily sludge, sewage, wastewater, mineral slurry, fruit juic, chemical, edible oil, olive oil, etc. 

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Tank Bottom Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Chinese Client

Recently one set of Oil Sludge Treatment System for Chinese client’s Tank Bottom Oil Sludge project has been done final assembling and trial test in GN No. 1 factory, and would be arranged shipment soon. Tank bottom oil sludge is mixture of oil, water, and sand/soil. GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment System can be used for separating Sand/Soil, and recollecting clean Oil and Water separately. 

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GN Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for USA Client

There is one set of Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge ready for shipment to USA from GN's No.1 factory. GN Decanter Centrifuge is widely used for industrial wastewater/sewage treatment, drilling and HDD/TBM/Bored Piling mud recycling, sludge/mud dewatering, distilleries, fish processing, potato processing, plastic and oil recycling, chemical separation, etc. 

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GN Supplied Decanter Centrifuge for Indian Client

There are 2 sets of decanter centrifuge under final assembling in GN No.1 work plant, then would be shipped to Indian client's work site, for Solid Liquid Separation project. GN decanter centrifuge can be widely used for Solid Liquid Separation, Sludge/Mud Dewatering, Liquid Clarifying, for projects about waste water treatment, oil sludge treatment, chemical, food, beverage, drilling mud, ect. 

GN Company, as a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge for 11 years, product line includes Bowl Diameter 220~760mm, Bowl Length 670~3328mm. And we can offer Adjustable bowl speed and screw speed, 0~4500RPM. 

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