Slurry Dewatering Vibrating Screen for Australia

Recently, GN finished the fabrication of one set of slurry dewatering system for an Australia client. Currently, the system is under test running procedure, once the factor shipment inspection job is done, the system will be shipped out.

Slurry dewatering is one of the main applications of GN productions. The slurry sources are various such as the drilling mud slurry, hydrovac excavation slurry, dredge slurry and construction slurry. Slurry dewatering, in fact, it is to separate the solid particles from the slurry. In the slurry dewatering process, the slurry is normally fed into different processing equipment for different size solids separation.

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GN Sludge Dewatering Centrifuge Successfully Running in Middle East Client Facility

Recently, GN received the on-site work feedback report of sludge dewatering centrifuge from customers in the Middle East. The report mentioned that GN equipment can well adapt to the local working environment and on-site material conditions, affirmed the stable working performance of GN sludge dewatering centrifuge, and the treatment results basically meet the final requirements of customers. The customer fully expressed the praise of GN products and services and hoped to carry out more in-depth cooperation with GN in the future.

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Large Mud Decanter Centrifuge System for TBM engineering company

The decanter centrifuge is widely used in various mud cleaning projects. Recently, GN finished the fabrication of one set mud decanter centrifuge package that would be used in TBM mud recycling. By removing the cutting and other solid impurities in the mud to keep the mud at the suitable properties, the TBM engineering company can save a lot in the consumption on drilling mud.

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