GN Company ATTENDED ECOMONDO Exhibition in Rimini

GN Company attended ECOMONDO exhibition dated on November 5~8th in Rimini, Italy. This exhibition is for Solid Waste Treatment, New Energy, and Waste Water Treatment, etc.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge, Disc Separator, and Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump for 12 years, which can be widely used for solid/liquid, liquid/liquid, and solid/liquid/liquid separation & transferring. 

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GN Company ATTENDED IFAT Exhibition in Mumbai

GN Company attended IFAT Mumbai exhibition dated on October 16~18th, and this exhibition is mainly about waste water treatment, there are about 310 companies joining this exhibition, and 32 companies from China. 

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Separation & Conveying Equipment, including Decanter Centrifuge, Disc Separator, Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump, Screw Conveyor, which are widely used for solid/liquid, liquid/liquid, solid/liquid/liquid separation and transferring.

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GN Company Decanter Centrifuge and Sludge Solids Vacuum Pump for Oil Sludge Treatment

Recently there is a batch of Decanter Centrifuge and Solid Vacuum Pump ready for shipment from GN Company's warehouse.

These equipment would be used for client's Oil Sludge Treatment project, as Decanter Centrifuge would be used for solid liquid separation, and sludge solids vacuum pump would be used for sludge transferring, which cannot be achieved by common centrifugal pump. 

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GN Company Supplied Decanter Centrifuge for Israel Client’s Wastewater Treatment Project

There is one set of 220mm (bowl diameter) Decanter Centrifuge, GNLW223-GP, shipped to Israel for client's domestic wastewater treatment project.

The model that client ordered is GN Company smallest model, with bowl diameter 9 inch (220mm), made of stainless steel 304. The client plans to do trial test for his domestic wastewater treatment project firstly with this model, if successfully, he plans to arrange bigger project comes into reality. 

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GN Supplied Centrifugal Pump and Decanter Centrifuge for Russian Client

A batch of Decanter Centrifuge and Centrifugal Pumps is under final preparation stage for shipment to Russian client's work site.

GN Company is a professional manufacturer of Separation and Conveying Equipment for 12 years, mainly including Decanter Centrifuge (solid liquid separation), Disc Stack Separator (solid liquid liquid separation), Centrifugal Pump, Sludge Solids Vacuum Pump, etc.

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