Waste treatment Decanter Centrifuge and Solids Vacuum Pump for Beijing customers

This week, GN completed the fabrication and assembly of decanter centrifuge and solids vacuum pump ordered by a Beijing customer, and will send the machine to the customer's work site soon. The equipment in this order will be used for waste sludge conveying and sludge dewatering.

GN solids vacuum pump, also known as sludge vacuum pump, is completely pneumatic conveying equipment without electricity. It uses negative pressure suction and positive pressure discharge to suck the conveyed materials into the pump body first and then discharge them out. The negative pressure of the vacuum pump can transport a variety of materials, such as liquid, mud with low solid content, sludge with high solid content, and even some solid gravel. Because it is completely pneumatic, it is necessary to equip the equipment with an air compressor without electricity during the working process, which makes the vacuum pump can be used in some explosion-proof areas to improve the safety of operation. A typical application is in oil sludge treatment system.

Decanter centrifuge is one of the main separation equipment of GN products. It processes the materials through the high-speed rotating bowl assembly. The decanter centrifuge is mainly used to realize solid-liquid separation. Because of the density difference between the solid phase and the liquid phase in the suspension, the centrifugal force will be different, so that solid-liquid separation can be realized. The screw propeller inside the bowl can push the separated solid phase to the slag discharge port for discharge, and the liquid phase is discharged from the liquid discharge port on the other side because of the difference in rotational speed between the screw propeller and the bowl. Considering that the solid phase in some sludge has strong wear resistance, GN has carried out several wear-resistant protections for the decanter centrifuge, and achieved the protection purpose through tungsten carbide plates or bushing, thus extending the working life of the equipment to a certain extent.

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