GN Company Decanter Centrifuge and Sludge Solids Vacuum Pump for Oil Sludge Treatment

Recently there is a batch of Decanter Centrifuge and Solid Vacuum Pump ready for shipment from GN Company's warehouse.

These equipment would be used for client's Oil Sludge Treatment project, as Decanter Centrifuge would be used for solid liquid separation, and sludge solids vacuum pump would be used for sludge transferring, which cannot be achieved by common centrifugal pump. 

GN Company focus on manufacturing Oil Sludge Treatment System for 12 years, and the complete system include equipment as follow, 

Sludge Solid Vacuum PumpSludge Solid Vacuum Pump,
Shale Shaker,
Decanter Centrifuge,
Disc Centrifuge,
Polymer Dosing Unit
Pipeline, accessories, etc.

A Brief Introduction about GN Company's Oil Sludge Treatment Procedure as below,

1. Sludge Solid Vacuum Pump used to suction oil sludge from job site, and pumped into treatment system.
2. Premixing the oil sludge, with demulsifier/hot water, to make the sludge fluid, and solid content less than 20%.
3. Shale Shaker used to remove coarse solid (bigger than 100um) from the oil sludge.
4. Decanter Centrifuge can be used to remove fine solids (less than 20um) from the oil sludge, and it can also be used to remove solids about 2um, if with flocculent.
5. Disc Centrifuge can be used to separate Oil, Water and little solid.

The result after treatment by GN Company's Oil Sludge Treatment System as below, 

1. BS & Water content in Oil, less than 3%
2. Oil content in Solids, less than 2%
3. Oil content in Water, 500-1000ppm

GN Company would attend ECOMONDO exhibition in Rimini, Italy, dated on Nov.5~8th, 2019, and our booth No. is 010, Hall D2. 

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