Oil Sludge Treatment Decanter Centrifuge for Beijing Client

This week, GN factory pre-installed a set of oil sludge treatment system ordered by Beijing customer. Once finally completed all assembly and confirming that there is no problem at each connection points, it will be disassembled again, and then loaded and delivered to the customer's site. The user of this oil sludge system is an environmental company, specializing in the treatment of oily sludge and the recovery of waste oil.

The oily sludge treatment system is a solution independently developed by GN Separation for three-phase separation of waste oil sludge; the purpose is to recovery of oil products and reduction of waste discharge. For oily sludge treatment, GN has standardized equipment configuration and system layout, and can also customize and improve the existing system according to the needs of customers. GN oil sludge system mainly includes preming module, coarse filtration module, two-phase separation module and the final three-phase separation module.

1. Pre-miming module - the premixing module of GN oil sludge system is a storage tank equipped with heating pipeline. The sludge entering the tank will be mixed with water and chemicals for conditioning, so that the oil can be fully separated from the sludge, and the oil and water will also undergo de-mulsification reaction. The agitators installed on the tank can effectively improve the conditioning effect.

2. Coarse filtration module - in the GN sludge system, GNZS594F vibrating screen is used as the coarse screening equipment, and the prepared sludge is pumped to the vibrating screen. Through the mesh screen installed on the machine, some coarse particles can be separated and treated to reduce the working pressure for the subsequent fine particle separation equipment.

3. Two phase separation module - in the two-phase separation stage, GN uses decanter centrifuge GNLW554ET to separate most of the fine particles in the oil sludge, and the oil-water mixture is discharged through the liquid port.

4. Three phase separation module - the three-phase decanter centrifuge is mainly responsible for oil-water separation, it also separates a small amount of fine solid particles in the liquid, and finally realized the three-phase separation of oil, water and residue solids.

For more information about oil sludge treatment decanter centrifuge, please feel free contact GN Separation.