GN Decanter Centrifuge for separation of aluminum hydroxide

GN Industry Decanter Centrifuge for separation of aluminum hydroxide.In current stage.fine chemical separation is popular in different chemical industry.Especially separation between water and solids, decanter centrifuge are specially designed for chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

This industry application requires high hygienic standards, the configuration and material for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry are selected for the high hygienic standards. High grade duplex stainless steel is normally selected for centrifuge. The GN-LW chemical centrifuge wear protection design ensures to have a long life operation.

20190116 discharged alumina

Slurry contains alumina ( fine particles) water and sodium nitrate dissolved in water.GN decanter centrifuge is capable to meet the dewatering requirements for the alumina slurry.GN different size of decanter centrifuge will provide different capacity for clients.Below link is for the decanter centrifuge for separation for aluminum hydroxide:

GN design and manufacture different size of decanter centrifuges for industry separation.Solid bowl decanter centrifuges have been operating according to the same basic principlesince the 19th Century. GN centrifuge;production line is from 9inch (220mm) bowl to 30inch (760mm) bowl,with bowl length and diameter ration up to 4.2, and the adjustable G force is up to 3000G to meet different industry separation applications

GN design specific centrifuges according to specific separation tasks and the use of resilient,high-quality materials have improved the performance of the centrifuges.

Moreover, GN owns a branch for design PLC and electrical control system; this gives GN advantages in electrical. Hebei GN Separation and Conveying Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in decanter centrifuge, welcome all of the customers come to visit !!