Due to the particularity of the material, ordinary pumps cannot transport food waste. Plunger pumps are commonly used in the market. However, the disadvantage of the plunger pump is that it has no self-priming capability and requires auxiliary equipment or manual feeding. GN solid vacuum pump is an ideal solution for food waste and kitchen waste transportation.

GN food waste transfer pump is a vacuum-loaded, pneumatic positive pressure transfer pump. Maximum inhalation of particles: 70mm, the vacuum that can be generated is 25 inches HG (85Kpa, discharge pressure: 0.8Mpa, which can suck and transport a variety of different materials: bulk solids, solid-liquid mixtures, liquids, etc.. In the transportation of food waste it can be used for: food waste transportation, kitchen waste transportation, bottom sediment suction and transportation.

GN kitchen waste transfer pump is a pneumatic transfer pump with no internal rotating parts, long service life and simple maintenance. In the process of food waste and kitchen waste treatment, it can meet the transportation of materials in multiple process stages. According to the different treatment processes of customers' kitchen waste, GN can provide different comprehensive solutions for material transportation. Matching screw conveyors, belt conveyors, food waste transfer pumps and other conveying equipment form the most optimized food waste conveying solution.

Technical Parameters of GN Kitchen Waste Transfer Pump

Max Capacity 40m³/h 20m³/h 10m³/h
Inlet/Outlet Size 4 "(114mm) 4"(114mm) 3 "(89mm)
Vacuum Degree 85Kpa/25 inch HG(Mercury Column)
Max Suction Distance 50m
Max Discharge Distance 1000m 500m
Max Solid Content 80% Solids Content in Sludge/Powder Solid
Max Solid Size 75mm 50mm
Pressure Request 550Kpa-785Kpa (80-114PSI) 550Kpa-690Kpa (80-100PSI)
Air Demand 17m³/min (600CFM) 8m³/min(280CFM) 4.3 m³/min(150CFM)
1690×1468×1983mm 1421×900×1448mm 1283×800×1370mm
Weight 892kg 386kg 320kg
Note: The technical parameters and descriptions of the sludge vacuum pump equipment on this page are for reference only. The technical requirements of the specific contract shall be subject to the contract and technical agreement requirements between the customer and GN company.


GN can also provide a vacuum delivery pump set according to customer needs. By combining 2 or 4 vacuum pumps to achieve a larger delivery capacity, there is only one suction inlet and one discharge outlet.

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