Animal husbandry and crop production process often produce some organic waste, if not treated in time, it will cause great inconvenience to the production, and long-term accumulation will also pollute the environment and even lead to potential safety hazards.

GN decanter centrifuge is a kind of commonly used equipment for solid-liquid separation, which can dewater the organic manure containing a lot of water produced in agricultural production, so as to reduce the area occupied by waste accumulation and facilitate the subsequent transport and treatment of solid organic manure. The separated liquid can be used as drip fertilizer, and the dewatered sludge can be used as solid fertilizer.

The manure sample in this test is provided by customers. It is soft materials with high organic content obtained from pig manure, chicken manure, straw and other fermented products. The volume concentration of insoluble solid matter is about 35-40%. The mixture is hard to settle and highly viscous, with strong fermentation flavor; brown color, the upper layer is brown viscous liquid with low concentration. After standing, the lower layer is brown viscous solid with high concentration. The treatment requirement is liquid cleaning first, followed by sludge dryness.

After being separated by the decanter centrifuge (running speed 4500 rpm, separation G force 2500g), most of the solid phase in the suspension is separated. After the decanter separation, a small amount of separation liquid and solid phase were extracted, separated by tube centrifuge and dried by heating, and then the solid humidity and solid content in clear liquid were detected. The results show that the moisture content of dewatered sludge and solid content of clear liquid are meeting customer’ requirement.

According to different materials and treatment requirements, different dewatering decanter models need to be selected. Please consult GN Separation for details.