In the production process of chemical products, decanter centrifuge is used as a solid-liquid separation equipment to separate the solid phase or concentrate the suspension. Some inorganic salt are widely used as additives in papermaking, textile, leather manufacturing and other industries with huge market demand.

GN decanter centrifuge has been used in the dewatering project of alumina suspension. In the separation of inorganic salt crystals suspension, customers require that the drier solid separated the better, so as to simplify the subsequent solid heating and drying process and reduce energy consumption.

The saturated solution of inorganic salt crystals treated this time is easy sedimentation and low viscosity, non-toxic and corrosive; the material is white color, no pungent smell, easy to precipitate after standing, the upper layer is transparent liquid, and the lower layer is white water-containing solid.

Before entering the decanter centrifuge, the concentration of the material is 20% ~ 30%. After being separated by the decanter centrifuge (rotating speed 4500 rpm, separation G force 2500g), most of the solid phase in the suspension is separated. After the decanter separation, a small amount of separation liquid and solid phase were extracted, separated by tube centrifuge and dried by heating, and then the solid humidity and solid content in clear liquid were detected. The results show that the moisture content of solid phase and solid content of clear liquid are meeting customer’ requirement.

According to different treatment effect and capacity requirements, different equipment models need to be selected. Please consult GN Separation for details.