GN decanter centrifuge is a kind of common solid-liquid separation equipment, which is often used to separate the solid and liquid in mixture with density difference. When it is working, the bowl, as the main rotating part, can rotate at high speed (according to different models, the rotating speed ranges from 2000 rpm to more than 5000 rpm), the solid phase in the bowl can quickly settle to the inner wall of the bowl under the action of a thousand times gravity acceleration, thus resulting in solid-liquid separation.

Sulfur water mixture is a kind of mixture of sulfur powder and non-toxic non-corrosive liquid. It has slight viscosity and fine smoothness, and good sedimentation performance. It can be precipitated when standing still. The upper layer is dark brown liquid and the lower layer is water containing solid. The client hopes that through the use of GN decanter centrifuge, as many sulfur particles as possible can be separated from the mixture, and the drier the solid phase, the better.

In order to verify the working performance of GN decanter centrifuge, it is necessary to compare the solid content before and after separation. GN used both the decanter centrifuge and laboratory tube centrifuge to test, the final test are satisfactory.

Before the sulfur water mixture enters into GN decanter centrifuge, the volume concentration of the material is 30%. After separation by the GN decanter centrifuge (speed 4500, separation factor 2500g), most of the solid phase in the mixture is separated. After solid content detection, the solid content was lower than 0.5%, and the moisture content was 14.94%.

According to different treatment effect and capacity requirements, different models need to be selected, for more information, please feel free to contact GN.