Oil Sludge Treatment Plant for China Environmental Solutions Company

A Top Chinese environmental solution company ordered an complete set of Oil Sludge Treatment Plant from in 2019, now this plant is under final procedure for delivering.

Oil Sludge is a mixture of oil, water and solids, generally this oil contaminated slurry/sludge comes from Crude Oil Tank, Refinery Plant, drilling waste, etc.

The clients ususally request to recollect clean oil as much as possible for reused, while discharge the solids suitable for environment, and recover clean for reuse if possible.

GN Oil Sludge Treatment Plant can exactly reach clients' requirements mentioned as above, reduce cost, business revenue and environmental protection.

GN Oil Sludge Treatment procedure shown as below,

First Step for Coarse Solids (bigger than 100um) removing, procedured by a Shaker, for removing large size solid particles in sludge. As the origianl oil sludge is always mixtured with many solids, GN provides Solid Vacuum Pump for transferring sludge into our system. 

Second Step for fine solids removing, procedured by a Decanter Centrifuge (horizontal), for removing fine solids.

Third Step for oil and water separation, procedured by a Disc Centrifuge (vertical), for separating oil and water, and also separating out very little ultra-fine solid particles.

The Oil Slugdge Treament system also include chemical dosing module, pump, transferring pipeline and other accessories.

The dosing system has automatically dosing pump to add chemical powders into the mixing cavity for solution making. Processed by mixing, maturing and storing, the chemical solution could be pump into the sludge pre-mixing tank for demulsification.

GN provides 3 models of Oil Sludge Treatment Plant, with capacity of 1 m3/h, 5 m3/h, and 15 m3/h, caculated based on diluted sludge, as the original oil sludge is always sticky, for better separation performance, operator need to add water to dilute for easy transferring by the pump. The treating capacity is claimed based on the diluted sludge.

Welcome to contact GN Company for more information and working video of our oil sludge treatment system.