Waste Sludge Dewatering Equipment shipped to Envinronmental Company

This week, GN completed the assembly of a batch of sludge dewatering equipment, which will be sent to the environmental protection company after factory test and inspection. As a separation equipment manufacturer, GN is committed to providing a variety of solid-liquid separation solutions for the industrial production. GN hopes to bring good use experience and economic benefits to the industry through cost-effective products.

Dewatering decanter centrifuge is the main sludge dewatering equipment of GN Company. It forms centrifugal force through the high-speed rotation of bowl parts to separate the solid and liquid phases in the sludge. The power system has two motors respectively driving the bowl and scroll inside the bowl to rotate. The rotation direction is the same and the speed is different, so as to form a differential speed to ensure that the solid phase can be pushed out of the bowl. Dewatering decanter centrifuge is continuous working equipment with high degree of automation. The start and stop and programmed control of the equipment can be realized through the control cabinet. It is more suitable for the sludge with high solid content and large processing capacity.

Different from dewatering centrifuge, screw press is a low-power sludge dewatering equipment, which compresses the sludge through the gradually reduced space formed by the spiral and stacked ring sheet group, so as to experiment the purpose of sludge dewatering. The liquid phase flows out through the ring gap, and the mud cake is discharged from the fender. Screw press also has the advantages of continuous operation, compact structure, low vibration and low noise. It is mainly applicable to the sludge with relatively low solid phase, no more than 5% and small treatment capacity.

In order to better realize the sludge dewatering effect, users usually equip the dewatering equipment with chemical dosing unit. Both decanter centrifuge and screw press have limitations on the separation of fine particles in sludge. In order to separate more small particles, flocculants are usually added to the sludge to form flocs, and then treated with sludge dewatering equipment; the separation effect is significantly improved.

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