Two sets GNLW454 Decanter Centrifuge for mustard oil Separation

Recently, GN Separation has completed the production and assembly of two sets decanter centrifuges, and will soon arrange to send the machine to overseas customers for mustard oil processing. Mustard oil is extracted from yellow mustard and it has appetizing and detoxifying effects, can prevent some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can also be used as massage essential oil. In mustard oil processing plants, the function of the decanter centrifuge is to clarify the crude oil that is squeezed.

As is well known, decanter centrifuge is commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, and it is also widely used in the food industry. The removal and clarification of various edible oils is a typical application. When recommending centrifuge solutions to customers, GN Separation usually first need to understand the situation of the materials to be processed, such as solid-liquid ratio, PH value, viscosity, whether they are flammable or explosive, and the processing requirements to be met.

For this project, considering that the material to be processed by the decanter centrifuge is edible oil, duplex stainless steel was selected as the material of the bowl and screw propeller core shaft, and other parts in contact with the material is also made of stainless steel. The blades of the internal screw propeller are sprayed with wear-resistant coatings, and polished and chamfered to avoid the formation of residual solid materials in the grooves of the screw welded components, which can contaminate the oil. Because the solid phase to be discharged is relatively soft, a baffle plate will be designed on the screw to prevent the mud cake from flowing back into the liquid phase. In order to improve the clarity of the discharged oil, it is necessary to keep the treated material inside the centrifuge for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to set appropriate differential speed and liquid pool depth to achieve the expected treatment effect. GN equips each decanter centrifuge with a VFD control cabinet, which can adjust the working speed of the equipment through PLC and frequency converter. Operators can operate easily and quickly based on on-site conditions.

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