Tank Bottom Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment for Chinese Client

Recently one set of Oil Sludge Treatment System for Chinese client’s Tank Bottom Oil Sludge project has been done final assembling and trial test in GN No. 1 factory, and would be arranged shipment soon. Tank bottom oil sludge is mixture of oil, water, and sand/soil. GN Company’s Oil Sludge Treatment System can be used for separating Sand/Soil, and recollecting clean Oil and Water separately. 

GN Oil Sludge Treatment System can also be used for oily sludge treatment from Oil Tank, Refinery Plant, or Drilling Project, etc. The system is used for recollecting Oil for reuse, and discharging Water and Solids separately, with final result as follow, Oil Content in Solid < 2%, Solis & Water Content in Oil < 3%, and Oil Content in Water is 500~1000 PPM (We have Micro bubble Water Processor to lower oil content in water to 50~100 PPM). 

Oil Sludge Treatment Working Procedure for this Project as below,

1. Removing Coarse Solids (bigger than 100um) by Shale Shaker.
Shale Shaker is used to remove the large particle of solids. Before feeding to the shale shaker, operator needs to dilute the sludge to solids content less than 20% for easy pumping.

2. Removing fine solids (less than 10um) by Decanter Centrifuge (2 phase separation).
Solid Bowl Centrifuge is used for fine solids separation. Fine solids would be removed from liquid, which is achieved by Centrifugal Force.

3. Removing ultrafine solids by Slant Plate Clarifier
Multi-plates inside the clarifier can speed up the ultrafine solid sedimentation to the bottom of the clarifier, in the meanwhile, oil and water mixture will overflow to Oil Water Separator.

4. Separating oil and water by Oil Water Separator.
GN Company now has two factories under operation, and a third one under manufacturing now, with more than 100, 000 square meters totally (One hour from the Beijing International Airport).

Welcome to contact GN Company Sales Managers for technical specifications, working video and sales reference about GN Oil Sludge Treatment System.

It is acceptable to do Trial Test with your sludge sample in our work plant.