Screw Press unit for Mexico Food Plant Application

The screw press machine is a common sludge dewatering equipment. In some food processing plants, in order to treat the sewage generated in the production process, the plants are often equipped with some sludge dewatering equipment to treat the sewage produced by the plants, so as to meet the environmental sewage discharge requirements. Recently, Mexican customers have ordered a batch of screw press from GN for the disposal of waste bread crumbs in the production process of local food factories.

Because of its compact structure, low noise, low energy consumption and high degree of automation, the screw press unit is often favored by users in the sewage treatment field. The equipment model in this order is GNDL402, the inner diameter of the dewatering screw assembly is 400mm, and each unit has two sets of dewatering screws. In terms of overall structure, GN screw press consists of driving module, dewatering screw assembly, flocculation conditioning bin and electric control cabinet. It can meet the continuous working links of receiving materials, sludge conditioning, sludge dewatering, etc.

In terms of material selection, stainless steel 304 is selected for the parts of GN screw press machine in contact with sludge. According to the special requirements of customers or specific material conditions, higher grade stainless steel materials can also be selected, such as SS316L or duplex stainless steel 2205. The end face of the screw blade contacting with the floating ring is also treated with carbide spray welding to extend the service life of the screw.

The equipment shell can be opened from the top to facilitate the operator to check the operation status of the dewatering screw and ensure the stable operation of the equipment. The inlet and outlet of the equipment adopt the flange type interface design, so that customers can easily match the other half of the connecting flange, improving the efficiency of equipment on-site installation.

The screw press unit is a major sludge dewatering equipment of GN Company. In addition, GN can also provide sludge dewatering centrifuge, flocculation dosing unit and other related equipment. For more information, please feel free to contact GN Separation.