Screw Press Unit and Polymer Dosing System Shipped to Overseas Customer in Sewage Treatment Industry

Recently, GN Separation has completed the assembly of a batch of sludge dewatering equipment and arranged transportation to overseas customers. The customer is from sewage treatment industry, the equipment is used to dewater the sludge generated in the various factories production processes, so that the wastewater discharged by the factories can meet the environmental requirements.

The screw press unit is the sludge dewatering equipment in this order. It has the characteristics of compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise and high degree of automation, so it is recognized by many customers in the sewage treatment industry. The sludge mixing bin of the equipment can be used to receive the original sludge and flocculants. After flocculation, the solid particles in the sewage can form flocs. After entering the dewatering assembly, flocs can be easily intercepted by the cylinder composed of ring plates, and then gradually dry under the joint extrusion of the ring plates and screw, and finally discharged from the slag outlet. The absolute dry sludge content of discharged sludge cake is about 20%, which will not produce a lot of flowing water and can meet the conditions of stacking and transportation. The high degree of automation enables operators to operate and supervise several machines at the same time, saving human resources and reducing operating costs to improve economic efficiency.

The polymer dosing system is indispensable supporting equipment for the work of the screw press unit. The sewage without flocculation cannot be treated by the screw press, because the fine particles in the sewage will escape from the gap between the ring plates. By adding flocculants, the fine particles in the sewage can be gathered to improve the capture rate of solid particles in the dewatering equipment. GN PAM dosing device can realize automatic control on dosage of chemical powder and water inflow through programs. The liquid level sensor installed in the mature tank can sense the change of the liquid level, so as to control the opening and closing of the water inlet and the starting and stopping of the dosing metering pump.

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