Screw Conveyor Assembly Completed to be delivered

Recently, GN has completed the production and assembly of a batch of screw conveyors. At present, this batch of conveyors has been packaged and ready for transportation. Screw conveyor is widely used for industrial loose and soft material conveying. In the sludge dewatering industry, its typical application is placed at the solid slag discharge port of the dewatering equipment to receive the dewatered sludge cake.

GN screw conveyor is designed as a U-shaped groove. The screw is installed in the groove, and the screw blade is welded on the central shaft to ensure sufficient support force. In order to ensure long-time operation, the blade is made of 16Mn material. The groove body can be designed into open and closed type. The upper cover plate can be completely closed or steel grating plate. The movement of materials in the groove body can be seen through the opening on the steel grating.

According to the screw diameter, GN screw conveyor model can be divided into 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches. In addition to the motor and reducer, the effective conveying distance can be superimposed according to 12 feet per section. For customers with special requirements, GN can also provide customized solutions.

The inlet of GN screw conveyor is usually at the far end of the motor, and the outlet is close to the motor. If a certain inclination angle is required in the actual installation, the motor and reducer are usually located at a high place, so as to avoid the liquid overflow out from the groove contacting the motor and causing electrical short circuit. Similarly, a filter screen can be set at the bottom of the groove at the feed end to discharge the excess water in the material. According to the special requirements of customers, the opening position at the bottom of the tank can be customized, and the screw movement direction can be set as same direction and reverse direction.

Screw conveyor is usually used with dewatering centrifuge and screw press. In actual use, it is installed below the slag discharge port of the dewatering equipment to facilitate material receiving. For the case of long conveying distance, the combined solution can be considered. For more information about screw conveyor, please contact GN Separation and Conveying.