Mud Treatment Decanter Centrifuge and Mud Recycler to Trenchless Engineering Company

Trenchless drilling is one of the popular engineering projects in nowadays municipal construction. During the trenchless drilling, the drilling mud is always used to lubricate and cool down the drill bit, as well as bring out the drilling cutting or sand out of the drilling hole. To reduce the drilling cost, contractors always use mud treatment equipment to remove the sand in the mud to recycle the mud. It is a typical solid liquid separation job that will adopt GN solid liquid separation equipment.

GN mud treatment decanter centrifuge is widely used in mud cleaning system to remove the fine solid with size down to 5 microns. In the trenchless drilling, the decanter is the 4th stage solids control equipment. Before the decanter centrifuge, there are vibrating screen and cyclone unit to remove the coarse sand. In tunneling boring project, the mud decanter centrifuge is always working together with chemical dosing unit that is used to prepare flocculants and feed to decanter. With the help of flocculants, the mud decanter centrifuge can separate the fine solid particles down to 2 microns.

GN has a compact structure mud recycler, also named de-sanding plant, which is an economic design mud recycling system including the vibrating screen and cyclone unit. It is widely used in piling project for mud treatment. By adding additional mud storage tank and even the mud decanter centrifuge, the mud recycler can be a self-contained mud recycling system.
Beside the trenchless engineering projects, the mud decanter centrifuge and mud recycler is also be used as mud treatment equipment in oil drilling, water well drilling, construction slurry dewatering, and dredging slurry treatment.

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