Mud Dewatering Decanter Centrifuge for China Engineering Company

This week, GN shipped out one set mud dewatering system to a China based engineering company. The mud will be produced in many industries like municipal pipeline laying, dredging project, and tunneling boring and so on. Normally in these projects, the mud produced will take up a lot of land area in limited jobsite. And the wet mud is difficult to transport. In order to save the area covered by mud waste, and recover the water in mud for reusing, the operators always bring the mud dewatering decanter centrifuge unit for mud treatment.

Dewatering decanter centrifuge is a kind of solid liquid separation equipment that is widely used to remove the water in mud, or namely mud dewatering. The decanter centrifuge running at a high speed, in the meanwhile, the mud fed into the machine will be layered inside the centrifuge bowl to form solid layer and liquid layer since the density difference. The screw propeller pushes the solid cake towards the discharge port, while the clear liquid flows out from effluent outlet.

It is difficult to separate the solid particles less than 5 microns only by using the decanter centrifuge as the buoyancy of the ultrafine particles will offset the centrifugal force. When it comes to this situation, the flocculants is always added into the mud for gathering the fine particles to become flocs that would be easier separated. The automatic chemical dosing unit is a suitable device in preparing the flocculants solution.

It is necessary to note that the solid larger than 200 microns is not suggested to feed into the dewatering decanter centrifuge directly to avoid damage of inside the centrifuge. By using a primary vibrating screen to remove the coarse solids firstly will greatly protect the centrifuge unit.

For more information on dewatering decanter centrifuge package, feel free to contact GN Separation.