Modular Oil Sludge Washing and Separation System for Uzbekistan Customer

This week, GN completed the equipment assembly of a modular oil sludge washing and separation system, which will be delivered to the customer's work site in Uzbekistan later. GN oil sludge treatment system is a three-phase separation solution designed for waste sludge. The treated sludge can be separated as relatively pure oil products, water and sludge with low oil content. The oil can be used as fuel. The separated water can be reused to dilute the untreated sludge. The harmful substances in the solid phase can be greatly reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection and less waste discharge.

In this order, the main separation processes and equipment are designed and installed in the container. This design is for easy transportation. In the field working environment, it can better play the role of heat insulation and improve the working comfort of operators.

The main modules of GN oil sludge treatment system are introduced as follows:

1. Original oil sludge transfer module: This module includes the solid vacuum pump independently designed and manufactured by GN, which is equipped with an air compressor and an air tank. It is completely pneumatic conveying equipment, which is used to deliver the untreated sludge to the heating premixing module.

2. Pre-mixing hot washing module: In this module, sludge, dilution water and demulsifier will be mixed in the mixing tank. The heating pipeline arranged on the inner wall of the tank can heat the sludge to 60~70 ℃ by inputting hot water or steam, accelerating the emulsified oil-water separation, and improving the working efficiency of subsequent separation equipment.

3. Vibrating screening module: This module is used to separate the coarse particles in the sludge, which can protect the subsequent fine particle centrifuge separation equipment.

4. Solid liquid separation module: GN sludge dewatering decanter centrifuge is common solid-liquid separation equipment. The solid-liquid mixture flowing into the centrifuge is separated by a high speed rotor. The products of this process are solid slag and oil-water mixture containing a small amount of suspended solids.

5. Oil water slag three-phase separation module: because the difference between oil and water density is small, it is necessary to use a disc centrifuge with higher separation factor for separation. After this process, cleaner oil and water can be obtained.

6. Chemical dosing module: as an auxiliary module, this module also plays a very important role. It undertakes the task of preparing chemical agents in the process of sludge treatment and separation, and chemical agents are indispensable materials for sludge treatment, which can greatly affect the final separation effect.

If you want to know more about the oil sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact GN Separation.