HDD Mud Recycling Unit and mixing tank for trenchless engineering company

HDD mud recycling unit is a compact design system including the main separation equipment and buffer mud collection tank. According to the mud flow capacity or budget of contractor, the mud recycling unit can be designed as self-contained system or economic system.

De-sanding unit is a typically economic design mud recycling unit with small footprint. The vibrating screen is used as the coarse separation device to remove large part of the coarse solids. The treated mud will then be pumped to cyclone unit for fine solids separation. The overflowed liquid discharged from the cyclone top outlet is clear to meet the demand for reusing.

For long distance trenchless engineering project, large volume mud will be needed. Therefore, the contractor needs to get enough space to store mud. The mixing tank is always used to store the mud. By connecting the cyclone outlet with the mixing tank, the clear mud will flow into the mixing tank. The required storage capacity determines the numbers of the mixing tank. By adding bentonite or other material in to the mud, the recycled mud can be reconfigured.

The centrifugal mud pump is the main mud transferring equipment in the mud recycling unit. It can be used to feed the mud to cyclone unit, and also be used as mixing pump for circulating the mud in mixing tank.

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