GNOST-02B Oil Sludge Treatment Package Equipment for Fujian Client

Recently, GN completed the production and factory testing of an oily sludge treatment system, which will soon be sent to the work site of a customer in Fujian province.

The oily sludge treatment system is an integrated system independently developed and designed by GN Separation, which can be applied to the reduction treatment of various oily sludge wastes. The ultimate treatment goal that can be achieved is the three-phase separation of oil-water residue from oily sludge. The separated oil can be used as fuel or enter refineries. The separated water needs to be further purified using wastewater treatment equipment or reused as circulating water in the oily sludge system. The hydrocarbon content in the separated solid residue can be reduced to less than 3%.

The customer has ordered an integrated system with a processing capacity of 2m3/h, which has a relatively compact structure and can be transported as a whole, making it convenient for customers to transfer between different sites or use it as a testing system. The GNOST-02B oily sludge treatment system is a process system that requires hot washing and chemical pretreatment, mainly including the following main equipment:

1. Heating & premixing tank – this module is used to receive raw sludge materials and chemicals, and the water required to dilute the sludge. Only the pretreated sludge can be pumped and effectively separated in the system.

2. The vibrating screen GNZS752J is used to screen out the coarse particles in the sludge, thereby making the sludge to be separated more uniform. With the coarse separation of vibrating screen, the workload of subsequent centrifugal separation equipment will be greatly reduced.

3. Decanter Centrifuge - GNLW224FT Two Phase decanter centrifuge has a bowl diameter of 220mm and is designed with a maximum running speed of 4500RPM. Its main function is to do the solid-liquid two phase separation of the oil sludge material. In this separation stage, most of the fine solid particles will be separated, and the discharged oil-water mixture will be separated in the next stage.

4. Three phase disc separator - The density difference between oil and water is relatively small, so to achieve separation, equipment with higher separation factor needs to be used. GNSD-40 three-phase disc separator can meet this application, enabling the separated oil and water to achieve the expected goals.

5. Chemical dosing unit - GN oily sludge treatment system is a process system including physical separation and chemical treatment. The separation performance depends on both the separation equipment and the performance of chemicals. GN does not provide chemicals, while in the oily sludge treatment system, considering the convenience of work, GN has equipped a chemical dosing unit to meet the customer's on-site requirements.

At present, GN oily sludge treatment system has successful cases both domestically and internationally. If you would like to learn more about the oily sludge treatment system, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.