GNLW650 Big Bowl Decanter Centrifuge for Separation in New Energy Industry

Not long ago, GN Separation completed the assembly of one set GNLW650 decanter centrifuge. After factory test running and inspection, it was sent to a domestic customer site for use in the new energy industry.

In the new energy industry, decanter centrifuges are widely used for solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation. For example, in the production process of new energy sources such as biomass energy, solar energy, and wind energy, a large amount of solid waste and wastewater will be generated. By using a decanter centrifuge, the solid and liquid in these waste residues and wastewater can be separated, thereby achieving reduction, resource utilization, and harmless treatment of waste residues and wastewater. And, in the field of renewable energy biofuels, such as the production process of biodiesel, decanter centrifuges can be used to separate the solid and liquid phases of biomass raw materials, improving the quality and yield of biodiesel.

The rotating assembly of the GN decanter centrifuge generates centrifugal force on the suspended liquid entering in it through high-speed rotation. The solid and liquid phases in the suspended liquid separate due to the density difference, forming a solid ring layer and liquid ring layer on the inner wall of the bowl The dual motor drive mode creates a differential speed between the bowl and the screw propeller. Under the push of the screw blades, solid slag passes through the cone drying section of the bowl and is discharged from the slag discharge port, while clear liquid is discharged from the large end plate.

GN decanter centrifuge has the following characteristics:

1. The bowl and screw core shaft are made of duplex stainless steel 2205 and processed using centrifugal casting process. The equipment components have better machinability, tighter material distribution, and better dynamic balance performance.

2. In order to cope with the wear and tear of solid particles in the suspension, GN has welded tungsten carbide hard alloy plates or sprayed tungsten carbide coatings on the blades of the screw of the decanter centrifuge. Carbide protective sleeves are installed on the material distribution port of the core shaft and the slag discharge port of the bowl.

3. GN decanter centrifuge is equipped with a control cabinet with a stainless steel casing. Three frequency converters are installed inside the control cabinet to control the main motor, back motor, and feed pump motor to adjust the centrifuge speed and pump flow. Relying on the PLC system, operators can control and monitor the equipment through the HMI touch screen.

The decanter centrifuge plays an important role in the application of solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation in the new energy industry, effectively achieving the separation and recycling of waste residue, wastewater, oil and water, and promoting the sustainable development of the new energy industry. For more information about the decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.