GN Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge for overseas fish oil processing plant

This week, GN shipped out one set of three phase decanter centrifuge used in fish oil production.

Three phase decanter centrifuge is widely used in vary oil production. During the processing of fish oil, fresh fish is usually cut, ground, and heated to form surimi, allowing the oil to separate from the fish. After filtering the large solid particles in the minced fish, the minced fish can be sent to a three-phase decanter centrifuge for the extraction of fish oil. In the whole technology process, 3 phase decanter centrifuge is normally used for large volume solids separation and discharging of crude fish oil; during the separation, the surimi will form 3 layers inside the centrifuge bowl, which is the precondition of separation. GN 3 phase decanter centrifuge adopts the centripetal pump design. By adjusting the level at the feeing port, operator can adjust the interface between oil and water to make either the discharged oil or water clearer. For the outlets of GN three phase decanter centrifuge, the solid and oil will discharge respectively from the ports at the bottom of the machine, and heavy phase will flow out via the port on centripetal pump.
In order to facilitate operator to detect the running status of the machine, GN equipped temperature sensor and vibration sensor to the decanter centrifuge. Operator can read the alarms once there are abnormal temperature raises and vibrations, and take actions to adjust the feeding rate or inspect the machine.

Normally, because of three phase decanter centrifuge is more like a rough machine to remove the coarse solids from liquid; it is usually used to get the crude oil fish. If the fish oil needs to be polished, a disc stack separator with higher running speed is needed to get more clarified oil. GN is also able to provide different disc stack separators as per clients’ requirements.

For more information on GN three-phase decanter centrifuge, no hesitate to contact GN Separation.