GN Solids Vacuum Pump Used for Offshore Platform Waste Conveying

Recently, GN finished the order of few solids vacuum pump that will be sent to offshore platform for waste conveying. The solids vacuum pump is a pneumatic pump that can be used for various materials conveying especially for the sludge with high solid content.

Why Solids Vacuum Pump is suitable to be used on offshore platform

1. 100% pneumatic driving design makes the pump could be used safely in the flammable atmosphere without risks of the sparking during running of the machine, which is safety guarantee for offshore oil exploration.
2. Compact structure with flexible conveying hose. Comparing with screw conveyor, GN solids vacuum pump is small footprint, can be easily installed on the platform with limited area. Flexible suction and discharging hose can be connected and laid easily.
3. Long distance for suction and discharging. By connecting with powerful air source and sufficient air supply, the pump can suck and discharge vertically and horizontally, the horizontal discharging distance could reach up to hundreds meters.


Application of GN Solids Vacuum Pump

1. Liquid conveying: all kind of wastewater like industrial wastewater, urban wastewater, waste oil, etc.
2. Sludge Conveying: dredging sludge, oil sludge, animal waste, onshore and offshore drilling waste,
3. Coarse Solids Conveying: sand, gravel, sand blasting slag, grain, etc.
4. Powder Conveying: powder cement, activated carbon powder etc.

According to the handling capacity, GN has different model for option. Besides the solids vacuum pump, GN also developed other conveying equipment like screw conveyor as U trough and O trough, scraper conveyor, centrifugal mud pump etc. GN is not only able to provide the single equipment, but also provide turnkey conveying solution. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.