GN solids vacuum pump in stock meets the spot sales

Recently, GN has completed the production of a batch of solid vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps are GN inventory, which can meet the spot sales. The quantity is limited, first come, first served.

GN solids vacuum pump is completely pneumatic conveying equipment. Its working principle is to empty the inside of the equipment through an external air source to form a negative pressure. After the transported material is sucked into the equipment, compressed gas is introduced to discharge the material. GN solids vacuum pump has a wide range of applications and can transport liquid, slurry with high liquid content, sludge with high solid content and loose solid particles and powder.

GN solids vacuum pump has three models, namely GNSP10B, GNSP20B and GNSP40B The maximum transport capacity of the three models for clean water is 10 cubic meters, 20 cubic meters and 40 cubic meters respectively. According to different material conditions, suction and discharge height and distance, the conveying capacity will be different. Generally, the lower the material density, the lower the viscosity and the shorter the conveying distance, the higher the working efficiency of the equipment will be. For example, in oily sludge treatment projects, GN solid vacuum pump is often used to transport oily sludge to the treatment system. GN solids vacuum pump is an automatic control device. When the operating handle is turned to the running position, the equipment will automatically run according to the preset suction time and discharge time. Among the three models of solid vacuum pump, GNSP40B has both automatic and manual operation modes. In the manual operation mode of the equipment, the operator is required to observe the material suction of the equipment, so as to discharge the material manually when the material is full of the equipment storage tank.

GN solid vacuum pump has obtained European CE certification and ATEX explosion-proof certification, and can be imported to Europe smoothly and used safely in explosion-proof areas.

Now contact GN Separation to obtain the quotation and technical solution of solids vacuum pump for free. Spot sales can meet the requirements of fast delivery.