GN Solid Vacuum Pump for Overseas Polypropylene Slurry Conveying

This week, GN Separation successfully completed the production and factory test of one set GNSP20B solid vacuum pump, and has quickly sent it to European customer sites to assist in the efficient conveying of polypropylene slurry.

Solid vacuum pump, as the core equipment in the field of material conveying independently developed by GN Separation, operates based on vacuum suction technology. It is 100% driven by compressed air, with a compact structure and no need for electrical power connection, making it easy to meet the conveying requirements of various highly flow-able or loose materials such as liquids, mud, solid powders, etc. It is widely used in multiple industries and is equipped with multiple suction heads for different materials to ensure the best conveying effect. In the solid powder conveying industry, the application of this equipment will greatly improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

It is worth mentioning that GN solids vacuum pump has passed EU CE and ATEX certification, fully meeting the strict standards of the European market. Especially for the GNSP10B and GNSP20B models, the equipment is equipped with wheels at the bottom, allowing operators to move and layout flexibly on site, greatly improving the convenience of use. This design fully considers the actual situation of on-site operations and reflects the high attention of GN Separation to customer needs.

In addition to the excellent performance of the equipment itself, GN Separation also provides a variety of material conveying hoses for different material characteristics to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Looking ahead to the future, GN will continue to drive development through innovation, providing more efficient and safe material transportation solutions for global customers. If you want to learn more about solid vacuum pumps, please feel free to connect to GN Separation at any time.