GN Shipped Filter Press Unit to Middle East Environmental Company

Recently, GN sent filter press equipment to a Middle East environmental company for sewage treatment services. Filter press is intermittent pressure filtration equipment, which can be used for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. The filter plate is pressed by the pressing device, and then the suspension is pumped into the filter chamber for solid particles and liquid separation through the filter cloth. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, textile, coal washing and sewage treatment.

Filter press, dewatering centrifuge and screw press are three main and commonly used sludge dewatering equipment in sewage treatment industry. According to different processing targets, users will choose different equipmnt. The advantage of the filter press is that the discharged filter cake is drier, the moisture content is reduced to meet the landfill and ncineration standards, it is easier to transport, and the weight and volume of the filter cake can be significantly reduced.

The main structural components of the filter press include frame, filter plate, pressing system and electric control system. The filter plate is installed between the compression plate and the thrust plate. The filter cloth is sandwiched between each two filter plates. The solid particles of the suspension entering the filter chamber are intercepted in the filter chamber to form a filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged from the liquid outlet through the filter cloth. According to whether the filtrate has odor and volatility, the liquid flow form of the filter press can be divided into open flow and undercurrent flow. The choice of liquid flow form needs to be clearly specified in the order of the filter press.

Filter cloth is a very important part of the filter press, and its performance determines whether the filter press can work well or not to a great extent. In order to give full play to its working performance, some filter presses are equipped with automatic filter cloth warping system to strengthen the filter cake falling off and automatic cleaning system using high-pressure washing device to clean the filter cloth online, so as to restore the filtering speed of the filter cloth and prolong the service life of the filter cloth.

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