GN Separation will exhibit at IE Expo China 2021 in Shanghai

IE expo China, as Asia's leading environmental show, offers an effective business and networking platform for environmental sector and is accompanied by first-class technical-scientific conference program. GN separation, as a professional solution provider for environmental solids-liquid separation, will attend this event next week.

Below information that will assist you come to GN booth.
Event Name: IE expo China 2021
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Even Date:April 20~22, 2021
GN Booth: Hall W1 (G69/F69)

Below list of GN exhibits on display

Oil sludge treatment system – GN oil sludge treatment is a reduction solution for waste oil sludge disposal. It can effective reduce the oil content on solids so as to reduce the waste disposal. It is consisting of sludge premixing module, coarse screen module, 3 phase separation module and chemical dosing unit. The purpose of system is to recover as much valuable oil as possible from the oil sludge. One thing need to be aware is that the discharged water, oil and even the solid still need further treatment to be environmental friendly. Oil sludge treatment system greatly reduces the subsequent solution load.

Waste Treatment Decanter Centrifuge – GN decanter centrifuge is designed to separate solid and liquid with density difference. Inconsideration of the waste coming from different industries, GN developed three series as of sludge dewatering decanter T series, separation decanter Y series and clarifying decanter C series. According to different and separation purpose, client could choose suitable type decanter centrifuge.

Solids vacuum pump – GN solids vacuum pump is a 100% pneumatic driving pump that can be used for multi-material transferring. Typical materials like waster, slurry, mud, thick sludge like drilling waste, oily sludge conveying, and even solid powder. In operating this pump, the air supply with sufficient pressure and flow capacity would be needed to ensure the normal operation.

Welcome to GN booth for more information on the separation solution, GN is looking forward to seeing you at show.