GN Separation will attend the 8th China International Mining Exhibition

This month, GN Separation will participate in the 8th China International Mining Exhibition (CIME2023) held in Shenyang, China. CIME is a globally recognized industry professional exhibition with a certain scale, wide influence, and high recognition. CIME focuses on the metal and non-metallic mining market, always meeting the needs of mining development, covering the entire industry chain, and is committed to building a one-stop diversified service platform for brand promotion, technical exchange, trade cooperation, and product sales.

GN Separation has booked a 90 square meter booth at this exhibition and brought professional equipment to show there. The following information will help you find the GN booth.

Expo Name: 8th China International Mining Exhibition (CIME2023)
Date: July 27-29, 2023
Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center
Add: 9 Exhibition Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang
GN Booth: BT05, Hall E3

The equipment shown by GN Separation is as follow listed. Welcome new and old customers to visit GN booth for technical communications and business negotiations

1. Linear dewatering vibrating screen - commonly used for desilting, dewatering, and tailings dry discharge treatment of materials such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal mines, and coal mines. The screen deck wallboard is made of steel plates with good impact toughness and cold bending resistance, and imported HUCK rivets are used for hydraulic tensioning assembly instead of welding process, so that the wallboard is free of welding residual stress and material defects, avoiding the fatigue strength reduction of the wallboard caused by the above defects. The polyurethane screen panels installed in the screen deck adopt a modularize design, and the positions between the screen panels can be freely exchanged to optimize the utilization rate of the screen panels. GN linear dewatering vibrating screen can also be designed as a double-deck form to meet user needs.

2. High frequency stack vibrating screen - GN High Frequency stack vibrating screen is mainly suitable for wet screening, classification, and dehydration treatment of fine materials in industries such as mineral processing and coal preparation. It is designed with 2-5 layers according to on-site installation space and processing capacity requirements. The equipment is installed with a flexible polyurethane mesh, which has good elasticity and is not easy to block the mesh. The contact part between the screen deck surface and the material is sprayed with a polyurea resin wear-resistant and anti-corrosion layer, which can effectively protect the surface of the screen machine and extend its service life.

3. Mining slurry vacuum pump - This pump is pneumatic conveying equipment developed by GN separation to meet the requirements of slurry conveying at mining sites. It can transport slurry with high solid content and other slurries; hence it is also called a solids vacuum pump. This equipment is completely pneumatic and requires the connection of compressed gas for operation, which can meet the explosion-proof requirements of the mine; the equipment has a compact structure and is easy to layout on site.

In addition to the above equipment, GN Separation can also provide other types of mining vibrating screens and tailings dewatering centrifuges. Welcome to inquire and negotiate business.