GN Separation Exhibited in the CONEXPO 2023

Recently, GN participated in the event of CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, USA, and showed relevant equipment there. During the show, GN sales personnel received many visitors, and the exhibition achieved very good results.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is the most extensive construction trade show in North America. GN brought following equipment to the exhibition:

1. Linear vibrating screen - Mining vibrating screen is a series product of GN Company, in which linear vibrating screen is screening equipment designed and developed based on a single vibration source and dual motor resonance principle; it is mainly used for screening and clasification applications of ore and sand aggregate. In design, considering the operating life of the equipment, the connection method of the screen deck is not welded, but HUCK rivet connection, which avoids the stress generated during the welding process. For the parts in contact with materials, GN adopts polyurea resin spraying process. The good physical and anti-corrosion properties of the polyurea resin can protect the screen, thereby prolong the operation time.

2. Tailings dewatering centrifuge - GN T series dewatering centrifuge is a commonly used solid-liquid two-phase separation centrifuge. For the application of tailings dry discharge, considering the strong wear resistance of materials, GN guarantees the effectively protect to the internal structure of the centrifuge when designing it. For example, the push surface of the screw blade is protected by tungsten carbide plates, the screw distribution port and the slag discharge port are equipped with the same material protective sleeves, and the inner wall of the bowl is welded with ribs. These designs extend the service life of the equipment to a certain extent, reducing customer operation and maintenance costs.

3. Mineral Sludge transferring solid vacuum pump - GN solid vacuum pump is a fully pneumatic conveying device that conveys materials through negative pressure suction and positive pressure discharge. There are no rotating parts inside the equipment, so it is suitable for various forms of materials, such as liquids, mud, sludge, and loose solid particles and powders. Typical applications in the construction industry include fine aggregate conveying and sand conveying.

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