GN Screw Press and Polymer Dosing Unit for Sewage Treatment of Mexican Food Plant

This week, GN completed the assembly of a set of sludge dewatering machine with spiral coils, and carried out factory tests. Later, it will arrange transportation to overseas customers for sewage treatment in food plants.

The screw press is a common sludge dewatering equipment. In this order, the machine will be used to remove bread crumbs from the waste water discharged from the bread factory. The water can be recycled or discharged into the municipal sewage system, and the separated sludge cake can be used for landfill or fermentation for other purposes.

The screw press machine is characterized by compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise and high degree of automation. Therefore, many customers in the sewage treatment industry choose to use screw press for sludge dewatering. GN screw press is mainly composed of modules such as sludge flocculation cabin, dewatering screw assembly and electric control cabinet. The flocculation cabin is used to receive the original sludge and flocculants. After the flocculated sludge enters the dewatering screw, it will move towards the slag discharge port, gradually dry under the joint extrusion of the disc ring and screw, and finally discharge from the slag discharge port. The solid content of discharged mud cake is about 20%, which can meet the conditions of stacking and transportation. According to the nature of the sludge to be treated, GN is able to provide the screw press make of stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and even duplex stainless steel 2205 to meet customer requirements.

It should be noted that the screw press machine is more suitable for sludge dewatering with solid content less than 5% in suspension. In order to catch as much suspended solid particles as possible, it is necessary to add flocculants into the sludge, otherwise the screw press cannot effectively dewater the sludge. The polymer dosing unit can significantly improve the working efficiency of the screw press. Usually, users will equip this device in the sludge dewatering work. GN PAM dosing device can automatically add powder chemicals and clear water through control program, and prepare flocculation agent according to a certain proportion. It should be noted that in order to meet the requirements of continuous dosing of reagents, considering that the configuration and maturation of flocculants will take a certain time, when selecting the dosing unit, it is usually considered to double the capacity of the mixing tank.

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