GN Linear Vibrating Screen for Domestic Core Drilling Fluids Cleaning

Recently, GN Company has completed a core drilling fluids cleaning system. Core drilling is generally used in geological exploration, with the main purpose of understanding the underlying structure of the drilling area and determining whether there are mineral resources and whether they have mining value.

This system includes separation equipment, collecting tank and conveying equipment. The specific function is to treat the fluids carrying cuttings that return from the drilling hole, separate the drilling cuttings, and enable the fluids to be recycled. Below is a brief introduction to the main equipment.

1. Linear vibrating screen - The vibrating screen is the main equipment for drilling fluids cleaning, which intercepts solid drilling debris particles in the mud through screen panels installed on the equipment. The oversize cuttings will be discharged out of the system, the undersize cleaned mud will be pumped back into the rig for recycling. The wall board of the screen deck uses steel plates with good bending performance, and the connection method between the reinforcing ribs and the crossbeam uses Huck rivet technology instead of welding connection, which avoids welding stress caused by welding. The polyurethane screen panel adopts a modular installation method, which is easy to replace on site and saves time for replacing.

2. Customized liquid gas separator - The client's drilling process uses the principle of gas lift reverse circulation, and compressed gas needs to be introduced into the borehole. The gas will return to the surface along with the mud from underground. The liquid gas separator will first receive the returned mud and separate the gas through the mud impact plate installed inside the equipment. The mud accumulated at the bottom of the equipment will overflow like a vibrating screen.

3. The system includes a tank for installing separation equipment, as well as receiving the cleaned fluids from the vibrating screen. A centrifugal sand pump is also installed on the tank skid to send the cleaned mud back to rig for recycling.

GN can provide a series of vibrating screen products for cleaning of drilling mud, sorting of minerals, sorting of sand and gravel aggregates, etc. For more information about vibrating screens, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.