GN Disc Separator Shipped out for Fermentation Broth Treatment

Today, GN shipped out one set disc stack separator that would be used in fermentation broth treatment in a beer brewery. The whole package is consisting of disc separator mechanical part, VFD control panel, recommended spare parts and special tools for installation and disassembling.

With high rotating speed, the disc separator is mainly used for ultrafine solids separation from liquid. GN is able to provide both 2 phase separation and 3 phase separation disc separation. 2 phase separation model is for solid-liquid, while the 3 phase model is for solid-heave liquid-light liquid. In the meanwhile, for separation of two immiscible liquid, the 3 phase disc separator is mainly used.
GN self-cleaning type disc separator is equipped with flushing wash system; operation water will be fed into the machine according to the discharge mode as scheduled in the control system. Operator can set up the slag discharge mode as partial discharge and fully discharge. The bowl material is adopting the high level stainless steel for Hygiene and corrosion protection considerations. The control panel of the separator can control the start, stop, emergency stop, manual slag discharge and current monitoring in real time. Each separator is equipped with independent PLC control and independent touch screen. Four alarm functions ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment: vibration alarm, speed alarm, insufficient slag discharge value alarm, and drum leakage alarm.

GN disc separator is widely used in food and beverage producing and edible oil producing. During the producing procedure, the disc separator is always installed after the decanter centrifuge which is used to remove large content of solid from the pomace, and then the disc separator is used to polish the liquid phase discharged from decanter centrifuge. The typical application of combination of decanter and disc separator is the production of olive oil.
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