GN Decanter Centrifuge for sludge dewatering projects in Africa sewage treatment plant

Recently, GN completed the factory test and delivery of a set of decanter centrifuge GNLW364ET-VFD, which will be used in a sewage treatment plant. Later, GN will release more information about the use of the equipment in the customer's factory.

In this project, GN decanter centrifuge is treatment equipment for municipal sewage and biological sludge generated in other manufacturing industries. Its main function is to dewater the thickened sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant after the sedimentation tank, so as to make the sludge more dry and facilitate subsequent transport and further drying treatment.

In the sewage sludge dewatering treatment project, according to the solid phase concentration of the sludge, it is necessary to consider the wear protection of the dewatering equipment. After the sludge enters the decanter centrifuge, under the centrifugal force of the rotating bowl at high speed, the solid slag will be thrown onto the inner wall of the bowl, and then pushed to the slag outlet by the screw propeller for discharge. On the parts in contact with sludge, such as the screw slurry distribution port, the screw blade and the slag discharge port of the bowl, GN can apply the protection of tungsten carbide. The screw blade uses welded and screw fastened alloy plates, and the slag discharge port uses embedded alloy bushings for easy replacement.

In sludge dewatering, biological sludge is relatively difficult to separate and has strong water absorption. Therefore, to achieve better separation effect and clarified liquid, the flocculants is always needed to treat the sludge in advance. GN can provide automatic chemical dosing unit, which can automatically prepare agents according to the concentration and the consumption of agents.

GN can provide relatively complete set of sludge dewatering equipment, including sludge dewatering centrifuge, chemical dosing system, sludge feed pump, solid slag receiving screw conveyor and other equipment. For more information about sludge dewatering equipment, please feel free to contact GN Separation.