GN Decanter Centrifuge for Overseas Animal Fat Clarification Project

Not long ago, GN provided an overseas oil production company with a set of decanter centrifuge. This customer's main business is to produce animal fat and related products. The purpose of purchasing equipment from GN is to clarify the animal fat.

The decanter centrifuge is widely used in the industry to clarify oil products, whether vegetable oil, animal oil or some industrial oils. It is mainly to separate solids and liquids with different densities by using the high rotating speed during the running of centrifuge. Animal fat can be used in daily chemical, food, medicine and other industries, so decanter centrifuge used for animal fat treatment needs some precautions in design.

In terms of material selection, the parts in contact with animal fat of the decanter are made of stainless steel. Among them, the bowl, screw core shaft are made of duplex stainless steel 2205, which has better anti-corrosion performance; and fluorine rubber is used to replace the NBR in some key sealing locations. Fluorine rubber has a higher sanitary level and can also withstand higher temperatures, which just meets the requirements of higher feed temperature during clarification and separation of animal fats.

In the design of the internal screw, the contact surface of the screw blade and the material is built-up welding with tungsten material, chamfered and polished. The core shaft is polished as well. This can not only ensure the wear resistance of the screw blade, but also avoid the problem of incomplete material residual erosion caused by the use of tungsten carbide plates for protection.

GN decanter centrifuge adopts dual motor drive mode and is equipped with VFD control panel. The operator can set the bowl speed and differential speed through the touch screen of the control cabinet to obtain different processing effects. According to customer's requirements, GN can control the feed pump in the centrifuge control panel and equip it with corresponding frequency converter.

For more information about animal fat clarification centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN Separation.