GN Containerized Mining Tailing Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge for Overseas Project

Recently, GN completed one set containerized dewatering centrifuge system. This system includes two container modules for easy transportation and easy installation on site, which are installed in a two-layer layout. Transportation will be arranged soon and sent to overseas customer for mining tailing slurry dewatering treatment project.

In the process of mining and beneficiation, a large amount of tailing slurry mixed with fine ore and water is often formed. If it is not treated in time, it will occupy a large amount of space, causing waste of site resources and environmental pollution. If proper solid-liquid separation equipment is applied at the work site to treat the tailing slurry, the fine ore particles and circulating water can be effectively recovered.

GN Decanter Centrifuge is widely used for solid-liquid separation; it can fully separate the tailing slurry to solve the problem of washing water recycling. In this order, the largest dewatering centrifuge model GNLW764 with a bowl diameter of 760mm (30inch) is selected as the dewatering equipment to meet the requirements of large flow on site. The density difference between fine ore particles and water is large, which is easy to separate, but the wear resistance is strong. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the wear resistance protection of dewatering equipment and material contact parts. For the screw propeller inside the equipment, GN is equipped with a tungsten carbide protective sleeve at the material distribution port, and replaceable tungsten carbide alloy plates can be installed on the screw blade, and a carbide protective sleeve will also be installed at the slag discharge port of the bowl. The above designs are to increase the wear resistance of equipment components, thus extending the service life of the equipment.

This dewatering system is divided into upper and lower modules. The container above is equipped with a dewatering centrifuge and an electric control cabinet. The operator can control the whole system through the touch screen of the control cabinet on the upper layer. The lower layer is equipped with a screw pump to feed the decanter centrifuge. The feed pump extracts materials from the outside of the system and supplies to the centrifuge for processing. The separated mud cake falls into the screw conveyor installed in the lower container and then is sent to the outside of the system; The clarified liquid also falls into the discharge pipe by gravity and then flows out of the system. In order to realize online cleaning, GN has designed a gate valve at the solid phase discharge outlet of the centrifuge to separate mud and water, so that the flushing water can be exported to avoid secondary mixing of the drained flushing water and mud cake.

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