GN 30 inch big bowl decanter centrifuge for Australia Mining Tailing Treatment

GN Separation is one of the few companies who have the capability to make such a big bowl decanter centrifuge for the mining tailing treatment. Those two decanter centrifuges are made for Australia clients for Mining Tailing treatment.

Features of the Mining Tailing Decanter Centrifuge:

  1. Big Bowl: 30 Inch (760mm) bowl for high volume.
  2. Longer Length: The bowl length is 100 Inch (3328mm) for long retention time and clear discharge.
  3. Bowl Material is made from Duplex stainless steel 2304.
  4. Tungsten Carbide wear protection: The screw conveyor is protected by interchangeable Tungsten carbide tiles, the mud distribution port and solids discharge port are equipped with Tungsten carbide inserts. 
  5. Heavy duty gearbox and motors for heavy slurry treatment.