Fully Air Driving Sludge Vacuum Pump Ready for Shipment

Today, GN finished the packing of one set GNSP40B sludge vacuum pump, and would arrange the shipment soon.
GNSP40B is the largest model in GN sludge vacuum pump product series. The equipment is installed on the I-steel underframe and surrounded by a frame welded with round steel. During transportation, the forklift can be used to operate through the fork hole on the underframe or through the lifting lug on the top frame. The equipment is compact and easy to transport.

GNSP40B sludge vacuum pump is equipped with 4-inch sludge inlet and outlet, and a check valve is designed at the inlet to prevent material backflow. The gas pipe uses 2-inch rubber hose to ensure sufficient air supply and air pressure. During the working process, the compressed gas first enters the ventri type air bag through the air inlet pipe to vent the air in the silo to form a negative pressure, then open the feed valve and use the negative pressure to suck the sludge into the silo. When the preset suction time is reached, close the suction valve, feed compressed gas into the silo to push the materials out of the equipment through positive pressure, so as to form an operation cycle. The time of suction and discharge shall be set according to the actual working conditions on site.

GNSP40B needs 17 cubic meters of air per minute. In order to ensure sufficient air supply, an air holding tank needs to be designed between the air compressor and GN sludge vacuum pump to ensure the smooth operation of the pump body.

GNSP40B sludge vacuum pump is often used to transport some sludge with high solid content and high viscosity because of its large suction and discharge capacity. Its typical application is as the front-end reclaiming equipment in oily sludge treatment system.

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