A batch of Solid Vacuum Pumps Ready for Shipment

Recently, GN has completed the production of a batch of solid vacuum pumps, and has carried out testing and on each unit before leaving the factory, and will send to the customer's work site later.

GN Solids Vacuum Pump is completely pneumatic conveying equipment that can be applied to the conveying of various materials. Liquids with relatively strong fluidity, mud with relatively large solid content, and loose solid particles can all be transported by solid vacuum pumps.
Usually, when providing solutions to users, GN will understand the needs and working conditions of users by asking some questions. These issues will involve material composition, particle size, conveying volume, suction and discharge height and distance, etc. Based on the user's feedback, GN's technical department will evaluate, and then inform the customer whether the GN solid vacuum pump can meet the working conditions and recommend a suitable model.
Some users will use solid vacuum pumps to transport corrosive materials, which puts forward certain requirements for the material of the equipment. According to different material properties, GN can provide different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 to make the wetted parts of the equipment.

GN solid vacuum pump has a compact structure, which is convenient for on-site layout. Among them, the GNSP20B and GNSP10B models are equipped with wheels so that the operator can quickly move the position of the equipment on site. For example, in the oily sludge system, GN solid vacuum pumps are used as sludge transport equipment, which can transport sludge to the system for treatment over a certain distance. It should be noted that the operation of the GN solid vacuum pump requires an external air source to provide power to generate negative pressure inside the device and to push the inhaled material out of the device. In order to ensure that the pump can continue to work, it is necessary to add an air holding tank and gas filter to ensure continuous gas volume and gas purity.

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