A batch of GN Mini Decanter Centrifuges to be delivered to European Customer

Recently, GN has completed the production and factory test of a batch of mini decanter centrifuges, which will be delivered to European customers soon.

Decanter centrifuge is common solid-liquid separation equipment. Through the higher operation of rotating parts, the suspension inside the equipment is divided into two layers of solid-liquid under the centrifugal force, and then discharged from different outlets to achieve solid-liquid separation. According to different industries, centrifuges have different applications, such as sludge dewatering centrifuges, drilling fluid cleaning centrifuges, waste treatment centrifuges, etc., but the working principle is the same.

In this order, the model of GN Mini Centrifuge is GNLW223, which is the smallest model in the product series of GN decanter centrifuge. The diameter of the bowl is 9 inches, and the maximum speed can reach to 4500 RPM. It is driven by a single motor. The speed difference between the bowl and the screw propeller is realized through the connection of the gearbox, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the mud cake. According to the customer's requirements, GN equipped each centrifuge with a separating liquid receiving tank. The liquid phase separated from the centrifuge can be temporarily stored and then pumped to other places or recycled.

In different working conditions, operators may adjust the working speed of the decanter in order to achieve different separation effects. With VFD control cabinet, the operator can adjust the working speed of the centrifuge. Usually, the highest speed does not mean the best working efficiency. The field personnel need to set different speeds according to different materials. The best working speed has been determined by observing the discharge conditions at each speed. The operator can also change the clarity and dryness of the centrifuge discharge by adjusting the feed volume or adding flocculants. For example, in sludge dewatering treatment, users often equip the dewatering centrifuge with polymer dosing unit. Under the action of flocculants, the centrifuge can separate the solid particles less than 2 microns in the suspension.

In order to meet the needs of the European market, GN decanter centrifuge have obtained CE certification, which is convenient for European customers for importing customs clearance and on-site certification and inspection.

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