8 Units Linear Dewatering Vibrating Screen for Domestic Iron Mine

Recently, GN Separation successfully completed the manufacturing and assembly of a batch of linear motion dewatering vibrating screens for iron ore, and conducted test running in the factory. These dewatering screens will soon be sent to domestic customer sites for use in the screening process of iron ore.

GN linear motion dewatering vibrating screens play a crucial role in iron ore applications. Iron ore screening is an important part of the iron ore processing process, and the linear dewatering screen, as an efficient and stable dewatering equipment, can effectively remove the liquid medium in iron ore, improve the processing efficiency and quality of iron ore.

The linear motion dewatering vibrating screen of GN Company has the following significant characteristics:

1. The screen deck wall panel is connected with Huck rivets: This design avoids the stress generated by traditional welding processes, greatly improving the stability and durability of the equipment.
2. Vibration motor as power source: The equipment adopts well-known OLI brand vibration motors, ensuring efficient and stable operation and reducing maintenance costs.
3. Polyurethane screen panel: the screen panel has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively extend the service life of the equipment and improve screening efficiency.
4. Modular installation design: The screen panel adopts a modular installation design, and the position of the screen panels can be flexibly adjusted which not only facilitates on-site installation, but also makes the replacement of the screen panel faster, greatly reducing the downtime of the equipment.
5. Efficient processing capacity: The equipment has a large screening area and can quickly and effectively carry out dewatering operations, significantly improving the processing efficiency of iron ore.
6. Adjustable installation angle: The installation angle of the equipment can be adjusted according to actual needs to adapt to different working environments and conditions.

In addition to linear dewatering vibrating screens, GN Separation also provides various other mining vibrating screens, such as high-frequency fine vibrating screens, banana screens and flip-flow screens, etc. These devices are widely used in the screening operations of mineral resources such as iron ore, coal mines, and non-ferrous metal mines, providing customers with comprehensive and efficient screening solutions.

GN Separation always adheres to customer-oriented development and production of efficient and stable mining screening equipment. In the future, GN Company will continue to make greater contributions to the development of global mining industry.