8 Sets Inclined Plate Clarifier and 6 Sets Decanter Centrifuge for mud treatment

Not long ago, GN Separation produced and shipped a batch of decanter centrifuges and inclined plate clarifier for mud dewatering projects.

The decanter centrifuge is commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment and has good performance in sludge dewatering application. It uses the principle of centrifugation to quickly and effectively separate the water and solids in the sludge to achieve the purpose of sludge dewatering. The decanter centrifuge has fast processing speed, high efficiency, and small footprint, saving space resources. At the same time, its high degree of automation reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency.
In terms of protection of the bowl slag discharge port and screw propeller, GN uses tungsten carbide wear-resistant sleeves and plates. This material has extremely high hardness and wears resistance, which can effectively protect the bowl and screw blade to extend the service life of the equipment.

In addition, GN decanter centrifuge is also equipped with VFD control cabinet. It uses advanced frequency conversion control technology to achieve precise control and adjustment of equipment. Operator can adjust the speed of the motor, to control the running status of the machine to adapt to different mud processing needs, which ensures the stable operation of the centrifuge.

The inclined plate clarifier can quickly and effectively settle solid phase in the mud through a group of unique built-in inclined plates. The device has the advantages of good processing effect, simple equipment maintenance, and low operating cost. After being processed by this device, the water in the slurry will be discharged through the overflow port at the upper end of the equipment, and the sludge will settle into the V-shaped groove at the bottom of the equipment, and then be discharged through the diaphragm pump that comes with the equipment. It can be used to thicken sludge and is an ideal choice for projects with low budgets.

These two pieces of equipment from GN Separation can improve processing efficiency and reduce labor intensity in mud treatment, and also bring new opportunities for the sustainable development of enterprises.