3 sets GNLW364 Dewatering Centrifuges for Overseas Municipal Sewage Treatment Project

GN Separation has successfully completed the fabrication and assembly of 3 municipal sewage dewatering centrifuges that are scheduled to be shipped to an overseas client shortly.

The sludge dewatering centrifuges produced by GN Separation are designed to effectively remove water from municipal sludge, significantly reducing its volume and weight. GN dewatering centrifuge has below several features:
Firstly, the key feature of these centrifuges is the use of duplex stainless steel 2205 for their rotating components. This material, combined with the centrifugal casting process, results in denser components with superior dynamic balancing properties, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Secondly, the screw blades and discharge ports of the centrifuges are protected with tungsten carbide material, providing exceptional abrasion resistance and extending the equipment's service life. This added durability is crucial in handling the abrasive nature of sludge, ensuring consistent performance over the long term.

Thirdly, to further enhance the flexibility and reliability of the centrifuges, GN Separation has equipped them with a three-variable frequency drive (VFD) control cabinet. This allows for precise adjustment of the main motor, secondary motor, and feed pump speeds, enabling the centrifuges to adapt to varying operating conditions. Additionally, the pump and centrifuge are interconnected through an interlock mechanism, ensuring the safety of field operations.

Fourthly, the centrifuges are also equipped with temperature and vibration sensors, which monitor the equipment's performance and provide real-time feedback. This allows for prompt detection of any potential issues, ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the sludge dewatering process. The integration of these sensors not only enhances the automation level of the equipment but also improves its overall safety.

In addition to the sludge dewatering centrifuges, GN Separation offers a range of complementary equipment to meet customers' one-stop procurement needs. This includes polymer dosing units and slag screw conveyors, which work synergistically with the centrifuges to optimize the sludge dewatering process.

The company's ability to provide a comprehensive solution, from equipment supply to installation instruction and commissioning, ensures that customers can rely on GN for the sludge dewatering process. This comprehensive approach, coupled with the high-quality products and services offered by GN Separation, has enabled the company to establish a strong reputation in the wastewater treatment industry.