3-Phase Disc Stack Separator for Overseas Vegetable Oil Separation

Recently, GN has completed the manufacturing two unit 3-phase disc stack separators, and will soon arrange for transportation to overseas customers for vegetable oil processing. Due to its high running speed and centrifugal separation factor, disc stack separators are often used to separate two immiscible liquid phases with small density contrast or as clarification equipment to remove a small amount of fine solid particles from the liquid. In the production of vegetable oil, a three-phase disc separator is generally used to remove residue from the initial oil, thereby making the processed oil more clear.

In this order, the model of the disc stack separator selected by the customer is GNSD225, with a piston diameter of 730mm and a rotational speed of 4500RPM. Considering the hygiene level of vegetable oil processing, the components inside the equipment that come into contact with materials, such as the bowl and piston, are made of duplex stainless steel 2507, and the sealing is also made of fluoro-rubber. Due to the high power of the motor, the control cabinet is equipped with an international brand frequency converter for variable frequency starting. Through PLC and touch screen, operators can monitor and operate the equipment.

In order to better monitor the equipment, the 3-phase disc stack separator is equipped with a series of sensors that can detect the speed, vibration, and temperature of key components of the equipment. An electronic valve is equipped at the liquid phase outlet to adjust the separation interface between the two liquid phases, making the operation more convenient.

It should be noted that the operation of the disc stack separator requires the introduction of operating water to achieve the functions of sealing, slag removal, and flushing the outer wall of the bowl. GN has equipped filters for the operating water pipelines of the equipment to reduce the hardness of the operating water, which can ensure better sealing effect.

In addition to 3-phase disc stack separator, GN Separation can also provide two-phase decanter centrifuges and three-phase decanter centrifuges for use in the coarse separation process of vegetable oil production. For more information on centrifugal separators, please feel free to contact GN Separation at any time.